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Dazed and Fazed

Look at the image below and feel the same as I am

Image Source

A lot of things happened yesterday that made me feel that way. I just feel sad about the things that happened yesterday. I just want to get this out of my chest and hope that karma will hit the person who caused this square on the face. I may not know if that will happen sooner, but I have always believed that what  goes around, comes around.

I am just wishing that after doing the proper actions today, most of the things will be back to normal. I just have to be more wary and careful especially now I am going in and out of a dangerous place for the rest of the week. This is why I will not shave my facial hair for the rest of the week to look a little more dangerous than normal. Call it weird but I think facial hair is just as a good deterrent for those planning to do bad.

In addition to this, I think that I must just feed my paranoia to stay safe. It is really hard to earn money for a freelance person like me and this is the price I pay for the freedom of being freelance. The bright side of this is that, I am able to train myself to sense danger even better than before.

Well I just hope that the weekend comes sooner, so I’ll get to be happier.


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Doodling and Expressing

For those who know me, they know that I love to draw. I draw almost always at any place, in my notes, in the white board and  even on tissue papers. I really express myself the best through doodling and making fun of things by drawing them. In drawing, I pour out all my thoughts, feelings and ideas better than anything else. Here is one of the few doodles that I made back in college, because of boredom from the registration period.

Image Source

I really can’t remember where is the rest of these drawings but I know that they are just hidden somewhere in the corners of the world wide web. Just like my mind, my thoughts are just hidden in the corners of my mind and these thoughts are seldom expressed through my words. This is why I draw a lot because drawing is my outlet for these thoughts and the emotions connected to it. I think that if I don’t draw, all these emotions will be bottled up and make me sick.

As you may know, I am the kind of person who really keeps things bottled up until it bursts out. I really keep things to myself unless I think that it is worth sharing or the person is worthy enough to be shared too. Anyway if I really need to express something, I just draw it out on paper, tissue, board or whatever. This is also why I love notebooks with just blank pages, no lines whatsoever and I could express myself very well with it.

I am just hoping though that I will be able to share more of my doodles and drawings here in the net. I want that someday, I could look back at them to tell me how I was as a person before.

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My New French Project

Starting today, I am doing a new project on my French lessons blog. Learn French Now Free. I have began doing audio recordings of me reading French articles. I did this to actually practice and improve my French speaking skills. A sample of the recording could be found here. For the past two years, my French speaking practice would be composed of reading out aloud in classes, talking to a friend in the van when going home and making fun of others secretly. I think practicing in that way improved my speaking skills to only a limited level.

Right now I am starting to record news articles because I think I need to increase my French vocabulary. So far I have two in my blog and both are recent news about the Philippines. Maybe in time, I’ll be posting my own podcasts with various content. I’m not sure though whether I should make a show in English or in French or maybe even both. If ever I do both, maybe I should also get more people to do it with me.

For now, I am hoping that my audio recording project would really be successful in helping me improve my French speaking skills. Hopefully it will be a good resource too for French listening exercises.

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Things That Happened in Just Six Hours

Yesterday, I was supposed to be scheduled for an interview but due to unforeseen circumstances, I will be rescheduled  hopefully by next week. Well it was not really a waste of time going to that interview because after that, I went to see of some friends at UP. Then something funny happened, when I was about to leave UP. Someone actually thought that I was the famous summa cum laude for this year. I just said no and thanked that person as I left the campus.

Well I think that I don’t look anything like him, nor I was anywhere near his intelligence level, but being mistaken for someone famous is something not common for me. I mean because I really look like just an average person that could blend in the crowd very well. I prefer not to stand out in a crowd too much because I am a reserved person.

Later that day, I saw James Younghusband at the mall with his girlfriend. The girls from the stalls were giggling obviously because of him while others can’t help but turn their heads to see him. I can’t blame them because who wouldn’t want to have a picture with him especially with the football fever around?

After that, I went to Pan de Manila to buy Pan de Sal and there was this one Korean guy who cut me in line. For those who know me, they know that cutting in line is one of the things that really annoy me. I would have reprimanded him (or tripped him over), but the cashier just told me not to do so.  I really think that foreigners like them who are staying here should show us respect since we are being nice to them. The next time someone like them cuts me in line, I’ll try to talk it out first.

Sorry for the incoherent post, my mind is just overworked, I guess.

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In Computers We Have “Ctrl+Alt+Del” What About Life?

When our computers just stopped working we just press Ctrl+Alt+Del to reboot it. Apparently it was not just a random key combination but rather a well thought code by David Bradley. In the video below he elaborates on how the keystroke combination was made.

According to Hack a Day

“He came up with the idea after growing weary of waiting for the Power-On Self Test (POST) routine to finish during each reboot of his software testing regiment. We remember the old days of slow hardware and can understand his frustration at the lost time. He decided to throw in a shortcut that allowed the software to reboot without power cycling the hardware. The original implementation used CTRL-ALT-ESC, but was later changed so that one frustrated keyboard mash couldn’t accidentally reboot the system.”

How I wish that life has something like it because if we want to end the frustration of having to wait to start all over again, all we need is a general solution for it. Unfortunately, each problem is different and there is no general solution for it. Finding a general solution for each problem may just leave us with more questions than answers.

Lately, I’ve been feeling that I need something to “reboot” my life. I’ve been thinking that there should be more than what I am doing right now. I really don’t regret what I have done in the past, but the only thing that frustrates me is that how long must I wait to put my life back together. I am becoming tired of waiting and even more tired of having to actually commit the same mistakes that I did in the past.

I’ve let go of a lot of opportunities in the past, that would have made my life better. These opportunities just came at the wrong time and their uncertainty made me think twice before taking it. This is why, I thought to myself that waiting could be the best option for now. I don’t want to jump in to the next available thing if I know that there is something better to come.

So wish me luck and hopefully life will get better for me.

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My New YouTube Channel

Today, I am extending my thoughts in another universe as I have created a new YouTube channel called Jordan’s Magic Show. In that channel, I am videotaping myself about my daily insights and perform a trick or two after each episode.

Here is my first video

I’m doing this to practice my speaking skills as well as my magic skills. I believe by making these videos I will improve myself in those aspects and maybe improve myself as a better person. Maybe I might be doing videos too in French or Spanish so that I could become better at speaking those languages.

I hope that you subscribe on my channel and like my videos.

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365 Days of Magic

I came across Eric Leclerc’s YouTube Channel while searching for some magic by Caleb Wiles. It has been a long time since I have watched some good magic and I am enjoying that someone like Eric Leclerc actually shows good magic on YouTube. There are a lot of magicians on YouTube but I haven’t seen anything like Eric Leclerc. Take a look at one of his videos below.

I really find his magic engaging and fun to watch. I love seeing how he interacts with audiences with all his witty jokes and fun antics. I think his comedy is one of the best among magicians.

His shows on his channel are part magic and part tricks but definitely all entertaining. The best thing that I love about his videos is his quotes and words of wisdom at the end of each video. Words of wisdom that make you smile after hearing and thinking about.

I have always wanted to post new stuff on YouTube but for now I am content watching other magicians’ videos and maybe practicing my stuff even more. Maybe soon I’ll start posting my own magic videos.

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