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Haters got to Hate

Valentine’s near and the number of haters is beginning to catch up with the lovers. I really don’t know why there should be hate when we need to celebrate love. It’s like not letting other people eat because you are on a diet. Let lovers love and don’t let envy or bitterness take over you.

When I was single, I really didn’t resent Valentine’s except the fact that it is a commercial holiday that usually results in a population boom on November. I just think of that day as an excuse to give and eat chocolate. I really didn’t hate couples celebrating that day, I just hoped.

I think bitterness clouds our vision when love has already arrived. There may be times that I was hurt but I never lose hope in finding love. I just want to say that no matter how hurtful love can get the only thing can cure you is also love.

If you can’t get over your bitterness, try getting it out of you. Look at Adele and Taylor Swift, now they are earning millions because of the people who broke their hearts. Maybe you just need to get it out of you so that can enter your life.

Hopefully I had given you something to think about. I just want to say that all this time The Beatles were right in saying that All You Need is Love.


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I miss writing

Back in college, I really kept a log of what I felt, I saw and what happened. It was my outlet for all those frustrations and stress in life. Right now I just miss writing and just putting down my thoughts in this medium. Maybe It’s just that unlike before I tend to feel more than think more. Now that I’ve been working, I tend to think more. I’ve been exposed perhaps to harsh realities of life that’s why I’ve developed this personality and way of thinking.

I tend to see life in a more materialistic sense and taking for grated the little things that make life really good. Perhaps I just miss the times back then when we share stories without sharing worries. It’s just the fact maybe that we tend to lose people when we grow older. The distance and time just keeps people apart despite the presence of many other ways to communicate.

This is why I want an adventure… I want to discover new experiences, meet new people and learn interesting things. I want to get the feeling again of how is it like to enjoy life and not just live it. When I do that, I want to write about it…

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