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Another Year Added

I turned a year older yesterday and I am grateful about it. Another year was added while I lived and learned about life and in the all those years that I’d been doing it, I must say that there are still a lot of things that I should be thankful for.

I am thankful that I have people who understand and take me for who I am. I am happy to have someone to love and loves me back. Because of her too, I feel that I have another family that I can be part of too. It’s not like all could get two families to want them right?

I also have to be thankful too that life has its unkind moments for me. Growing up was not all too easy for me. I have to make sacrifices but knowing what those are for built my character and made me deal with life with a more positive attitude even though it’s unkind.

Lastly I am thankful that life keeps on showing me the various realities and opportunities it holds for us. The things happening around me made me see that life is more of what we experience when we most feel alive. Having a life to live and discovering what it holds for us makes living worth it.



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Been an Angry Bird Lately

I’ve been playing Angry Birds Lately on PSP and I have to say that it is really fun. I have to say destroying evil piggy structures by shooting birds from a slingshot really releases the stress. Swearing to those evil pigs that were left after you bombarded them even makes it more fun.

I have to thank the oatmeal for this wonderful artwork and his chart.

Of all the angry birds shown above, I have to say that my least favorite would be the white one while my most favorite is the yellow one. Though the black bird explodes I’d have to say that the impact it makes is not as effective as that of the yellow one. I have to say that the red bird and its bigger version also deals a very good damage to those evil pigs. The blue bird is okay in destroying glass structures but the white bird is really crappy at destroying anything.

I now see why people love this game. Besides the cute birds and the destruction, I really like how I get to feel like a military strategist from WWII dictating the angles of howitzers and mortars being fired at enemy forces.

I also like the fact that the goal is simple enough but the things you need to do to achieve it makes it really challenging. Hitting the right spot with the right bird makes it fun especially if you are able to bring maximum destruction to evil piggies. The more destruction , the more points and the more fun it is to play.

Well time to play with it again.

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Worried but Hopeful

With all that happened during the last week, I am really just hoping that things will go better for me now. If not then, I must really start worrying now.

I have to admit that I am afraid that I will make the wrong decision again that is why all I could do now is wait, listen and follow my heart. I want to make it right this time so that I wouldn’t have to worry anymore of where my life would go.

I am just wondering now where would this waiting take me. Hopefully that it would bring me to path that would make really content with life.

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I think I’ll get some rest first

I think that the stress that accumulated for the past few years really took its toll to me. It has affected not only my health but also my personality as well. I mean that it has changed me to a less nice person.

Maybe I reacted to stress in a way that I keep on ignoring those who cause it, not knowing that it has also made me ignore others who don’t. This made me aloof to a lot of people and it is really does not do any good for me.

So from today on, I’ll try to be more relaxed and to be nicer to others, I need to flash that smile again even to those that I really don’t like at all. I think this would lessen the stress that I am experiencing, not to mention that it would make me look better.

To start this, I think I’ll go get some rest first to release all the stress that I took for the past few years. Then, after clearing my mind with all the stress, I’ll go on and do what I need to do to be really happy in life.

I need to find my old self to find the path that I will take in life. I hope that I’ll find that path soon so that I will be happier in life.

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Pieces of who I am

Yesterday was my last day at work. After almost two years of work, stress and all the other things that come with it, I have decided that it was time to move on to finish my studies.

I have no regrets or whatsoever working in the company and during my stay there, I have met the people who further built my character. Maybe the jigsaw puzzle was just appropriate for my whole experience at work, (save the occasional fact that I associate it with the Jigsaw Killer). I’d say that each message on the pieces make up who I am now.

The souvenir they gave took me two hours assembling this in reverse (the messages they wrote). Messages of thanks and well wishes that I really appreciate since they took the time to write their messages “secretly”. Actually I am surprised that they chose the justice league; one of my favorite superhero groups minus superman. They know that I like anime and cartoons in general as it was obvious that during meetings, I draw a lot to keep myself awake.

I have to admit, I’ll miss a lot of people not only from my team but from my “foster team” as well. Though I am really not a sociable person, I have to say that I love company. However I really just don’t take in people my life that well. Though I am an open person, it’s really hard to get into me since I tend to look aloof and indifferent.

I would have to say though that I have actually toned it down a little after working in that company. However I still haven’t removed from me that you have to talk to me first, since I am more a listener than a talker.

Also I will miss the activities with the friends I have made with the people there. From the lunch and dinners to the after work activities. (Hopefully before my birthday, I’d receive something so I could invite some friends) Though I just watch them talk, get tipsy and drunk, in this way I have learned more about them and in the process I have made friends and maybe some…

Anyway, to end this I’d say that even though I’ve left the company, I haven’t left the company of people who matter to me and even though I don’t show it much I have to say that I care.

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We need more kids with books and less kids with gadgets

I came across this comic strip on the internet. I think that this should make us realize that some technology makes people worse than before. In this case, I think the over dependence in them is what makes people really worse.

Image Source

I really have nothing against improving technology. My problem is that sometimes even the most simple things technology is trying to replace. In the comics above, it is reading a book.

I have to agree with Matilda about using ones imagination. Imagination is something that could never be understood by something that solely works on logic. I believe that imagination is best left for the person to imagine and dream on.

Also, I really believe that children should be reading more books especially in this age of internet and social media. I think that children nowadays are becoming too engrossed in gadgets that they depend so much on it. I think they should go out and hold a book as it develops their brain more than all those gadgets.

I would have to say that the misuse and overuse of gadgets by adults contributes on how children overuse it as well. I think we should set an example to them on how they should go out and experience the real world. They should realize that there is no substitute for real interaction.

In conclusion, I have to say that we need more books and less gadgets to better experience the real world.

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What Would my Future Look Like?

Image Source

More Here

With what is happening right now with me, I am really stressed on how my future will be. I’m tired of making the wrong choices that would leave me unhappy. I know it can’t be helped to make mistakes, but now I want to take control of my life.

I really can’t remember how it all came to this. When I was younger, I was just me. I am calm, serene, tranquil, patient. I really don’t know how I became so concerned with the future even if it is just about to happen.

I really can’t blame the fact that I made the wrong choices because even thought they were wrong, something good still came out of it. The problem is that I am having regrets of doing it even though I should just move on and laugh about it.

I have never lost hope and hopefully I will never have to since it is the only thing that would be left of me when all things fail. I’ll take this time now to think better of the decisions that I will make in life.

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