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Lessons from the Kitchen: Cooking Caldereta and Pancakes

Since it was a holiday yesterday here, I cooked caldereta for lunch for my family. Caldereta is basically a spicy stew in tomato and liver sauce. Here is a picture of it for those who have no idea of what it is.


It is quite funny that I’ve learned how to cook even without really studying about it. I spend a lot of time watching cooking shows and it is quite nice that I have retained a lot of the basics in cooking from it. Well the caldereta that I’ve cooked above is really not that spicy since there are people here who really do not like spicy food at all.

During the afternoon I also cooked up some pancakes. Sad to say but despite the fact that all you need to do is follow the instructions on the package, the people here still refuse to prepare it. As that day’s cook I just took on the task and as a reward, I made myself this.


I made myself some peanut butter and banana pancakes and it was really delicious. It was so heavy that I ate less dinner last night too. I just love combining simple thing to make it a little bit special. I know it doesn’t look as appetizing as it should be but it’s still delicious and that is what matters most in food.

Well I enjoyed cooing these and hopefully later I’ll still be inspired to cook something special.  Until then, I’ll update you on what’s next on my cooking list.


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Book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I haven’t seen the movie version of this book and I’ve been wanting to buy this book for quite a while. I was lucky that I was able to get the entire trilogy for a very good bargain price from a local bookstore. After reading the first book, I think it was really worth having the other two books from the trilogy as well.

It took me quite a while to finish reading this book but I am really happy about it. It is quite different from the books that I usually read since it has a more mature theme and storyline. I think that despite it’s simple plot, the characters and the twists in the story itself makes it really an exciting read.

I do read a lot of crime novels usually murder mysteries and this is the first time I read something a little bit different from my usual crime novels. This book also tells a lot about a certain reality in life other than what is presented as the main plot of the story, which makes it really an interesting read.

As I have said the book has mature themes and when I say mature I mean there is sex and violence. The sex is hot enough but the violence is quite disturbing. Though there are disturbing themes, it is quite an eye opener for readers who are really quite unaware of what is happening around them.

The characters are really well thought of each has a unique personality that blends well with how dark the story is. I think that each character represents a part of the author’s life that made it really work for the story. Lisbeth was really a surprise for me since I never thought she’d be doing those things.I can’t wait to read the other books and see how his characters would fare in the story.

As a whole the book itself is fresh for me and though the plot is simple the twists make it really unique and exciting.I do hope to get the time to read the entire trilogy and get a better idea of where this whole thing leads to.


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