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If I can dream it, I can do it (20 goals, plans and dreams)

Another Meme from Facebook.

Once you get tagged in this note, you have to create a list of dreams you want to accomplish in life. It is up to you how many dreams you want to list. The number you have chosen should also be the number of people you will tag in this note. Don’t forget to tag me too because I want to know your dreams.

The Needs:

1. Financial Stability

2. Have my own house so that I could settle in life

3. Remove from my life the unnecessary people/ things

The Wants:

4. To have my own DSLR and possibly do freelance photography jobs

5. A job that I would really enjoy doing

6. A place to call my own

7. Savings for the rest of my life

8. Travel to Japan, Switzerland and other places of interests

9. Wake up to a less stressful life

10. To be more physically fit or to be healthier

11. Settle in life with the person that matters the most 🙂


12. I am to finish my MA soon


13. Be a magician (the good one not crappy, stupid and arrogant ones)

14. Be a children’s book illustrator or write a webcomic

15. To be a better blogger

The Impossible dreams:

16. To win a 1 billion  jackpot in the lottery

17. To make others vanish as if by magic

18. FMA style Alchemy

The simple dreams:

19. Eat authentic Italian Spaghetti

20. Drink hot Chocolate

Just a few things that I would really want to achieve in life. So i’d stop dreaming and start chasing them to have a more fulfilling life.


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I just want to be me

Yesterday I took one of those personality tests. It turned out to be that I’m Histrionic and Narcissistic. In other words, I am just too self centered. Maybe it’s just that I grew up doing things on my own without depending on any one and the satisfaction I get from it boosts my ego.

I admit that this affects on how I deal with people. I love being praised, I love being approached rather than reaching out, I love being left alone to do what I think is best. This makes people misunderstand me as someone snobbish and aloof. I just want to tell them that I am approachable even though I don’t look like it.

I just want to tell people that this is me, understand me, believe me, trust me. I am me, that couldn’t be changed, but the fact that I have friends means that I am not that hard to get along despite being self centered.

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Get Inspired Start a Better Life

I came across the site From up North that features various artworks but the thing that caught my eye the most are the inspirational quotes that are in there. Besides the message that it brings, the artwork itself fits the message very well.

Here are a few samples

Image Source


Image Source

Image Source

These messages came at the right time for me when things are really getting a little too monotonous for me. Also there are just people I really couldn’t stand anymore. Those who look up to themselves as high and mighty should remember that the higher they stand the greater the fall.

For now I’ll go on and chase my dreams, fulfill them and make myself happy in life.

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My Favorite Webcomics

Besides the usual manga that I read online, I also read two other webcomics on the internet. Not only both has nice drawings, but they provide me also with new learnings about culture and history. Let’s start first with this.

Scandinavia and the World

Image Source

Scandinavia and the World or SATW is a product of Humon . She is based in Denmark, and I think her humor with what’s happening between countries around the world. It may be a little stereotyping but I think it is what gave her characters the identity it needs.

Her comics are funny but most topics are for adults. She always has a way of making current events easier to understand and at the same time understand better the culture of each country. It is fun how I learn new stuff about the Scandinavian Europe, since for the past 6 years of studying French, I only learned about the Western European culture.


Lackadaisy Scrapbook

Image Source

Lackadaisy is by Tracy J Butler, it tells the story of a “syndicate” during the 1920’s in St. Louis Missouri with cats as characters. Forget Mafia Wars and read how these gangs could still be so fierce yet cute.

A cast of colorful characters and the plot itself makes it seem like a primetime soap opera of sorts. You would always want to know the backstory of each character and that is what makes me come back and read or patiently wait for the latest issue.

I really admire her art as the characters really look very alive. You could see how much effort she puts in her characters to the point that you forget their cats and start to think their human beings too.

The thing that I like about this comic is that I learn more about the US immigrants during that time and how the French who eventually became Cajun were able to settle in those areas.

That’s it two webcomics that I know is worth your online time reading.

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Thoughts, Things and Other Random Stuff

I was quite shocked that Jack LaLanne has died yesterday. Yes the guy who sells a juicer on Home TV Shopping died of complications from pneumonia. Weird as it may sound but I decided to drink some juice yesterday in memory of a man who really shared his thoughts on how to live a healthier life.

Yup that’s dalandan juice, that was a little on the sour but refreshing side. I ate my dinner with it and the acidity just did a good job of cleansing my palate.

Now enough of the food jargon, and back with the other stuff. Yesterday was quite okay but stressful since my migraine started up. I had to relax so I ate lots of chocolate to increase my endorphins and be calmer. I hate it when I’m too stressed and things like this happen.

This is why I started doing my hobbies again that I haven’t been doing lately. I started drawing again and it feels good that I haven’t lost the touch but I have to admit that I am a little rusty when it comes to doing more detailed and realistic drawings. Maybe soon if I have more time I’d start doing my own webcomics, just to have an outlet of the stress and to have more practice when it comes to drawing.

Well we’ll just have to wait a little more.

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Lazy Sunday Afternoon

I spent most of my day yesterday with Ciara, but unlike the usual Sunday we just spent it in her house. She sprained her ankle and unfortunately she finds it hard to walk. I brought her some lunch and she spent the afternoon in the Great-Hall, an online Harry Potter fans community.

While she was too busy at it I fell asleep on the rubber mats that her 1 year old nice is using. Good thing though it didn’t mark my face when I woke up. After that we played some games in the PC and then ate some more pancit and hopia.

It’s good that I have another place to go to when things are really not going good for me. At least, I could relax there and not worry about other worthless things that I have been longing to mention here in public for all the world to see. (30 days…)

Anyway, I am just happy that I was able to relax a bit during the weekend so that I will be able to face the challenges that the week holds for me.

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I’m a Positive Person

Despite what’s happening right now, I try to stay as positive as possible and that is something that most people don’t see. They don’t understand that the more fear they put in me, the more I get discouraged.

I have my own ways of doing things that most people don’t understand. I have quirks and methods that are unconventional but it gets the job done. They try to put me in the same mold as others but I value my individuality so much to follow want they want.

Also, I am the type of person that needs his daily dose of art to not stagnate my creativity in life. My imagination is too vast and always active to be contained. I hate how much they try to limit me, since I know that my imagination has no limits.

I will really leave behind those who put in too much negativity in me. Time to move on and start a new chpater.

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