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Why is Common Sense isn’t so Common?

It really annoys me when some people think that what they know is the right thing. Usually these people too only think of things that they think are right without considering if it doesn’t harm other people. They like to think high of themselves and they only think that what they know is better than what you know. Sometimes these people even think that they have common sense but in reality they do not have any.

These people are really just plain annoying especially when they think that they have more common sense than you. In reality they are just people who refuse to grow up to see the bigger picture. These immature people only think of themselves and what would be the most beneficial to them in the most twisted of ways. Most of the time they would use twisted logic to make it appear that what they do is reasonable.

Maybe it’s either they are too smart to be understood or too stupid to understand what they are trying to tell you. I really think most of them are the latter ones because most of them shun the more intelligent arguments that I give them. I am just really annoyed on how they always defend what they think is right even though there are a lot of defects in it. The worse is that they do not allow themselves to see that there are improvements that could be made to make them better. I just hope that they open their eyes to see that what they believe is right is not always right especially if it could still be made to be better.

I am writing about the people who have the most defective policies which of course could obviously be improved better. 


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To The Haters

“If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What isn’t part of ourselves doesn’t disturb us.” – Hermann Hesse

I know that not everyone likes me  and some even hate me to death but all I can say to those haters is that, you are not part of me and therefore you are not important because you do not disturb me. I know that I am aloof  with most people and sometimes it is really hard for them to understand my personality but what I really do not understand is why some people couldn’t understand how I am when I am just being true to myself . They should have known already that I am the type of person who shows if I really do not like a person. If you think that I would care about the fact that you hate me, well I don’t because all those haters are just a waste of energy and time that I could use instead for those people who really matter.

I am really sleepy and I just expressed these thoughts after reading the quote above

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A Stable House of Cards

Image Copyright by Jordan Pampliega, All rights reserved

A house of cards has always been an image of something that will crumble even to the weakest of winds. It is a sign of inevitable doom and fall of something that you think will last a long time. Most house of cards are really unstable but I know a technique of making card houses more stable and could even support things that are heavier than the cards themselves.

While making the house of cards pictured above, I had this realization that my personality could be likened to a house of cards. When I was younger, I am easily swayed by a lot of external forces that make me fall or crumble. However despite the fact that I always crumble, I just continue to pick up myself again to rebuild myself and show them that I can get up no matter what they throw at me.

After the numerous times of falling and rising, I have realized that it has become tiring and so I changed myself to have a better foundation so that I will not be swayed by the slightest external forces. I rearranged the cards that form my foundation so that I will be able to take even harder blows in life without falling down. I have experienced a lot of blows from a lot of people who really just want to bring me down. They may have succeeded bringing me down but they have not put me down for good as I have just stood up again with a much better foundation that will make me stronger to take your blows and not to fall from them.

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Twitter Talk About the RH Bill

Honestly this is my first time I had a Twitter Talk with someone I really do not know. It was an exchange of ideas and I have to say that it was one of the intelligent conversations that I have been longing for. I am really not into debates or anything but I am more into exchange of ideas that make us more educated an knowledgeable with the things that are happening around us.

I actually had this exchange with a person from twitter known as darylslimshady. He replied to my tweet “Ano ba ang mali sa generation ngayon? May nabalitaan na naman akong nakabuntis at the age of 18. Kaya ipasa na ang #rhbill”   and then we had this exchange of tweets about our ideas regarding the RH bill and we definitely had opposing views for I am pro-RH Bill while he is against it. He was saying self mastery is the proper thing that is why the need for contraceptives is not necessary while I say that education is the way so that people will not be misled. He says that discipline is important to control one self and I say that even though contraceptives are made more available, it does not mean that people should be having sex with anyone at anytime.  In the end, I think we both agree that instilling discipline and morality is really both important in tackling the issue.

Honestly, I think that the solution should come from both sides. One side should not hinder the other and should be doing the thing that will promote the better good. Instead of pulling each other down, we should do our part to help people in this issue. For the church and the anti-RH bill supporters, instead of branding pro-RH bill people immoral, they should help in spreading the information that the availability of contraceptives or mandatory sex education does not mean that we should be engaging in promiscuous sexual activities. RH bill is not about promoting sex, it encompasses maternal health and the ability to choose for the future. Maybe it is about time to think not just about life but also about living.  Those are my thoughts on the issue and whether you are pro or anti, I will do my best to respect your views as long as you respect mine. Just like what happened in that Twitter talk, we had respect for each other and we ended up having a good conversation that was informative and intellectual.

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The Future Belongs to Those Who Believe in the Beauty of Their Dreams

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams” -Eleanor Roosevelt

A a child, I have always believed that it is possible to achieve our dreams because of the anime that I grew up with. In these anime, the hero always have a dream and whatever life throws at them, they just go on and do what they can to achieve their dream in the end. I have always believed that it is important for us to have a dream so that our life will have a purpose. To have a purpose would also mean having a direction which is important for us to know how should we be living our life.

I had experienced things that almost made me forgot that my dream is worth pursuing. I was almost content of doing things that give me an almost instant reward. These instant rewards made me feel happy but in the long run, it made me think that these instant rewards become more of a waste of time because they do not give me a sense of fulfillment inside. This is why I have left my comfort zone to pursue something that will give me this fulfillment as well as something to keep me away from those who sidetrack me from believing in my dreams.

I am already on my way to start again pursuing my dreams and I am not afraid anymore of what the future might bring because I know that it is still up to me to shape my future and I got the people and the things that I need to pursue my dreams. I know this will be hard but I know I have my dreams to believe in and hope to hold on so that  I could live the life that I really want.

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On to the Future

“The future is scary, but you can’t just run back to the past because it’s familiar.. yes, it’s tempting, but it’s a mistake.”

-How I Met Your Mother

I am now ready to face the future again with hope in my heart. I am now taking on the future without regrets and leaving the past behind. I think I made the best decision to wait and listen for the right time to arrive. I am just happy right now that finally I am going to do something that I want to do. I know this won’t be easy but I think that I have made a decision that I will not regret.

Now I am ready to face those who made me feel bad in the past with the hope that I am holding for the future. I really can’t say much about it right now because I’d like to leave it this way for the meantime.

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Wait and Listen

For the one who waits and listens

With the things that are happening around me, I think this is the best option that I have so far. I really just have to wait for the right opportunity to come and to seize the opportunity when that happens. I really don’t want to take anything that I think would give me more problems in the end. I just want to take the thing that will make things right, I just want things to get better now, I just want to get back my life.

Recently, I am having that feeling the reason is that I am still stuck to where I am now is that some people are badmouthing me from other people.  I think that they just keep on pointing out the bad things that they think that I have done and they always forget that I was during that time, I deliver results that no one else could. That is really the bad thing about people who are not close to you, they just remember the bad things about you. Despite this, I am still hopeful that some people see what I can really do and not what I can not do.

I know that I can prove to them that I am better off without them and when that happens, I’ll just sing to them “Gives You Hell” by The All American Rejects and make them see how I could do more and be more than them. For now I will just wait and listen for the right time to strike with full force to those who are trying to pull me down and make me miserable.

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