My New French Project

Starting today, I am doing a new project on my French lessons blog. Learn French Now Free. I have began doing audio recordings of me reading French articles. I did this to actually practice and improve my French speaking skills. A sample of the recording could be found here. For the past two years, my French speaking practice would be composed of reading out aloud in classes, talking to a friend in the van when going home and making fun of others secretly. I think practicing in that way improved my speaking skills to only a limited level.

Right now I am starting to record news articles because I think I need to increase my French vocabulary. So far I have two in my blog and both are recent news about the Philippines. Maybe in time, I’ll be posting my own podcasts with various content. I’m not sure though whether I should make a show in English or in French or maybe even both. If ever I do both, maybe I should also get more people to do it with me.

For now, I am hoping that my audio recording project would really be successful in helping me improve my French speaking skills. Hopefully it will be a good resource too for French listening exercises.


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