Doodling and Expressing

For those who know me, they know that I love to draw. I draw almost always at any place, in my notes, in the white board and  even on tissue papers. I really express myself the best through doodling and making fun of things by drawing them. In drawing, I pour out all my thoughts, feelings and ideas better than anything else. Here is one of the few doodles that I made back in college, because of boredom from the registration period.

Image Source

I really can’t remember where is the rest of these drawings but I know that they are just hidden somewhere in the corners of the world wide web. Just like my mind, my thoughts are just hidden in the corners of my mind and these thoughts are seldom expressed through my words. This is why I draw a lot because drawing is my outlet for these thoughts and the emotions connected to it. I think that if I don’t draw, all these emotions will be bottled up and make me sick.

As you may know, I am the kind of person who really keeps things bottled up until it bursts out. I really keep things to myself unless I think that it is worth sharing or the person is worthy enough to be shared too. Anyway if I really need to express something, I just draw it out on paper, tissue, board or whatever. This is also why I love notebooks with just blank pages, no lines whatsoever and I could express myself very well with it.

I am just hoping though that I will be able to share more of my doodles and drawings here in the net. I want that someday, I could look back at them to tell me how I was as a person before.


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