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A Magical Lunch

Last Saturday, I was having lunch at Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee at Tomas Morato when one of the most awesome things happened to me. It was one of those rare moments in life that felt weird yet so awesome. Let me share you my story about this.

It started when I was passing time at the same restaurant/cafe by practicing some card magic. I was doing flourishes, the usual magic stuff, and actually memorizing random deck orders when a family entered the place to have some dessert. There were two kids who saw me practicing and though they were shy at first, I showed them a few tricks.

It was really not easy since I am not used to showing card magic to kids. My brand is really for more of an adult audience since it is composed of gambling and mind reading tricks. I had to use a lot of visual magic for the kids to appreciate it. 

After a few tricks, they had to leave and I finished my entire pot of Rooibos Tea (Coincedentally, I read about this just a few moments ago that it comes from South Africa and that type of tea is patented exclusively to that country, same with Champagne that could only be produced in the Champagne region in France). I ordered a plate of cookies to pass the time and then I asked for my bill. I was so surprised that I only had to pay for the cookies,since the family that went in actually paid for my lunch and tea. Talk about a thing such as a free lunch.  

I felt guilty since I really don’t charge for anything when I perform but at the same time I felt awesome because a complete stranger treated me for lunch. I am just a hobbyist magician who actually enjoys seeing people get amazed by magic. It was definitely one of the most magical moments that I have experienced that is not smoke and mirrors.

So I would like to thank that family for that free lunch and I really appreciate your presence during that day. If ever you are reading this blog I hope that we see each other soon so that  I could do justice to the kindness you have shown me. 

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