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Books : Batman by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale


I just enjoyed reading these three books about Batman. I love these books since It’s not the usual Batman vs Insane Costumed Criminals. It’s Batman vs the gangster families that have terrorized his home city since his childhood days.

I have read Batman : Year One and these three books could have picked up where had it left. It’s about Batman slowly getting rid of his city with crime and slowly living up to the promise he made at his parent’s grave. I really enjoyed seeing a more unrefined Batman unlike the legend that we know who always get thongs done perfectly.

Jeph Loeb did a good job of writing this stories since I like seeing how he solve crimes with pure detective work and not just using his computer unlike most modern adaptations would do. I also like how he plays it rougher against his enemies but still compassionate enough not to become as crazy as the people he fights.

When it comes to the art, I love how dark and limited the colors that Tim Sale used to convey more emotions in the panels. It’s how I think Batman should be, just dark to make you think and do your own detective work.

To sum it up, this is how close Batman could get to being real. A more human Batman who makes everyone feel that standing up for what is rig makes you a hero.

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Before I Sleep, a Little Backtracking

I just read my old posts from this blog and I would say that in the past two years that I’ve been maintaining this blog, little has changed in me. I still use writing as a form of release for all the things that I keep to myself. This has been my avenue for saying the things that most people would find boring or confusing.

I’ve been keeping a blog since 2006 but I’ve decided to move platforms in 2011 because of certain things. I’m just happy that whenever I look back at some sad or bad posts, I was able to survive them and move on with my life.

Yes I’ll keep on broadcasting my thoughts here so that someday I have something to look back to and see how much I’ve grown and changed.

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Currently obsessed with drawing Batman Characters…


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