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Remembering Unity

Today is the 25th year anniversary of the EDSA revolution. An exhibit of how a non-violent revolution could happen. I wasn’t even born in 1986, but I was really impressed on how a united people could do feats that seem impossible.

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Sadly, twenty-five years later and very little has changed in this country. There are still corrupt officials, unexplained disappearances and hired assassinations. The revolution itself was used by corrupt and hungry-power people who only thought of themselves hiding as sincere believers of change.

What’s even worse is that even though we have the power to choose who to lead , we never know what happens to whom we have chosen until he or she gets into that seat. The sad thing about this is that we are becoming apathetic about this and because of this many of us are losing hope already.

As far as I can see the main problem here is not just the government itself but its people as well. We are forgetting that as long as we are united to one goal, we would be able to make this country better just like what happened in EDSA.

I have to say that it is sad that we never learn from our past mistakes as a people. Hence we need to learn from what is presently around the world. I’m not saying we take it to the streets again, rather I would suggest that we get united to enforce change in this country.

The protests in Middle East and Northern Africa have been a past thing for us. We ousted 2 presidents and almost ousted another one but the people in power are still the same. A lot of them are doing things that actually pull this country down even more.

I’m not sure if we could pull off something similar with Belgium for functioning even without a government. However if this is for real reform, I’d rather say that we go for it. The real challenge though of this is that we should really be committed on having real reform.

I’m just disappointed on how after 25 years of a revolution that set the standard in real democracy took a turn for electing more corrupt and power-hungry people hiding under the guise of promising real reform for this country.

I just hope that real change would happen to our country. We need to act now and be united and committed to the change we want to happen in our country.


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Respect for Opinions

There was a recent outcry at an institution about certain sensitive issues regarding inequality and discrimination. I wouldn’t really want to take sides regarding that issue but I would just want to point out that opinions are fine to voice out but not to rub in especially to someone who has opposite beliefs from you.

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Sometimes we tend to overreact to what other people say, especially if it is not in accordance to our own beliefs. We want to think that we are right in whatever we say or do. Forcing this kind of thinking to others in the long run would really make you wrong in whatever you say or do.

Belonging to a certain group with certain beliefs or practices does not make anyone right all the time either. We have to learn to mutually respect each others beliefs and the only time we should start questioning beliefs if it obviously harms the people from the opposite end of their own ones.

We should also erase the notion that one institution is greater than the other. Separating yourself from others because you think you are greater than everyone else is one of the reasons I think why there still exists inequalities between people.

Yes we are all unique and like everyone else, our uniqueness is what forms our identity. This identity is yours alone and you should take care of preserving it as yours and yours alone. If you force your uniqueness to others, it’s like forcing your identity to them and in the process you lose your own because there would be someone who is just like you.

In conclusion, it all comes down to just one word: Respect, and it begins from one’s self. One earns it from asserting one’s identity and respecting others who don’t seem to share the same beliefs as you. Never treat yourself as someone more superior or inferior to anyone as others would do. Never think that because you belong to a certain group, you already have the rights to force your beliefs to other groups.

We are all entitled to our opinions and we should learn to listen to other’s opinions as well. Voicing out yours is fine but don’t rub it in to others and in the event that others rub theirs to you just listen and learn from it. If it harms you in any way, tell that other person but keep it between yourselves so that it won’t escalate into something else that would make matters more complicated.

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It’d be Better if We Know How to Listen

I came across this Calvin and Hobbes Strip:

Image Source

I have to agree with what Calvin said on the last panel. I really don’t know what happens when we turn into adults. I will use a Tagalog expression “Tumatandang Paurong” (growing backwards) to best describe what most adults become in their life.

I really can’t blame how we become like this mainly because we are demanded by society to do things as such. Life now has made us envious and greedy that it makes us frustrated on how we are not able to live up to what is expected from us.

We all want to at least live a comfortable life and to achieve this, we find ourselves working just for the money. It’s day in, day out, another day, another pay for us. Soon we realize that we are being pulled to become greedy and envious of what others have in life. We then started wishing that if we are just like them, we wouldn’t need to suffer the monotony of a routine life.

We all want to be rich and there is nothing wrong with that. The bad thing about it is that we forget to enjoy life itself. We are stuck on making our lives comfortable for the future that we forget to live for today. I admit, I am one of those who thinks about the future too much even though it is just yet to come.

Growing up is really hard, especially if you have dreams that you want to fulfill. I have come to expect that some may be too far-fetched to be achieved, I have always believed that it is still possible to achieve.

I am just really frustrated on how some adults really don’t set an example to follow for kids. With their way of thinking that they are grown-ups and they could do whatever they want is just a meager excuse to satisfy their greed.

Take for example people who actually use other people for their material gain. The worst part is that when they stop treating you as people and more as a tool and they make them think they are far more superior than you.

I have to say that I will live my life with the simplicity of a child’s thinking. I want it to be simple and not having to worry of what society demands of me. I will chase my dreams and live them and be happier and less frustrated in life.


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I Miss My Friends Even If There’s Facebook

With the era of social networking, keeping in touch with friends is much easier. However it feels a little emptier since it lacks interaction. Talking to someone in person is much better than typing words in a chat box or in a social networking platform, poking lacks the same feeling when done personally.

Take this picture for example.

Image Source

There are limits to what you can do over a social network and I find it funny how the level of interaction in a social network is equated by some as personal interaction when it lacks that certain human touch and emotion.

A social networking site is a good way to keep in touch with your friends, especially those who are in other countries or very far places. However when you see them often or at least you could go to them to catch up with their life, why do you still need to log-in just to do those?

It would be better even if you call them or even send a text message. Maybe meet them up and catch up with their lives. Better yet make up for the time you haven’t seen each other for a long time.

It’s really hard especially if you don’t see your friends everyday and that is just what’s happening to me. I miss the people who ride the same wave of thoughts as I am without having to try to understand to know what we are talking about.

It’s hard not to have a friend but it is harder when you pretend that you don’t need one. Yeah I just miss you all. Let’s meet up soon. 🙂

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Duck-ception before Inception

I found this article on the net about a comic featuring Donald Duck and Uncle Scrooge in an Inception kind of story. It was basically very similar wherein someone would access one’s subconscious to access special or valuable information.

Image Source

I found it interesting that something like this could inspire a very big movie. It made me think that Inception was a more expanded and detailed when it comes to this idea of going into the dreams of someone.

The levels of dreaming, the kick and the methods used all seem to be similar in both the comics and the movie. I think its the great mind of the creator of the Donald Duck Comics is what made it in a way child’s play but in reality its plot could be very intellectually stimulating.

Speaking of dreams, I am still chasing mine hoping someday that I would get to live my own dream as my reality.

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V-day date :)

Yesterday, I was on leave from work and got some rest. Since it was also Valentine’s day also, my girlfriend and I went out to have some dinner. It was supposed to be a surprise but since she was in Pampanga the whole morning, I just told her about it. it was a good thing Pampanga was nearer to QC and she arrived just in time for the dinner.

Here are some photos of our dinner.

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We actually enjoyed our time there talking and watching the fishes in the aquarium. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures of the fishes. It would have been good to post their pictures as well.

We had a lot to eat and we were full already just before dessert. We had leftovers but we had them wrapped so that the food wouldn’t be put to waste.

I really enjoyed yesterday and hopefully we could celebrate more Valentines for the coming years.

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Something Fun to Take Out the Stress

Yesterday, I made an important decision that could change my life. I have decided to take on a new challenge in life and with that, I am already feeling the stress. To counter this, I look at this website and have a good laugh

Image Source

The picture above summarizes what I am feeling right now, I need the intellectual boost that I normally don’t experience now as much as before. I really don’t get the stimulation I need to make what I am currently doing as interesting.

This is why I need to step out of what I usually do to do what really fulfills me. I want to have a new start and to bring the direction in my life to make me happier.

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