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Going in Circles

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I was really feeling much like the picture above. I was enjoying using  this free spiral art set from a hotdog. Lately I have been feeling a little bit like I am just going in circles with my life. I know that I am happy but lately I just find myself looking for other stuff to keep me interested in life.

Maybe I haven’t felt yet the gratification that I should feel since it is not yet complete. I couldn’t completely feel the gratification because I know a part of it is still missing. In addition to that, the stress and pressure from all the other activities around me is slowly getting into me. I just want to put my life back in the proper direction.

I can’t wait for another break soon…


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I’ll Make You Read My Mind

I have posted some of my YouTube videos here in my blog and before you play the video below I would like you to look at my other videos first in my YouTube Channel.

Here is my latest video and I hope I can make you viewers read my mind.

If you were able to do it, please leave a comment below 🙂

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Done with the First Half of French

I’ve just finished computing the grades of my students in French. Glad that the grades that my students got are quite good. I just hope that they are able to use French properly even they have just learned the basics. I am looking forward for the rest of the semester to make French more fun for my students.

I’m just happy that I was able to pull through teaching for half a semester. Despite the problematic students that who only showed up for the first few weeks. I am happy that some students stayed and didn’t drop the subject. The funny thing is that my later class is the one who is almost always complete despite its schedule.

Anyway, I’ll be enjoying the rest of the week and will focus on my MA classes.

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I got a Tweet- SWEET :)

Just saw this Tweet on my Twitter page and this put a smile on my face. This is actually the first time I got a tweet from someone who’s famous. I’m just proud that I did a good job as a magician for that day. I hope that this wouldn’t be the last time that I do good magic that the audience appreciates. This gave me the necessary confidence boost that I need in life. At least there is another thing that I could look back to that will make me feel that life is really good.

Thanks to all of those who really makes me see that life is really good.

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Gino and Fran: The Awesome Twosome

Honestly, these two DJs are the ones who got me back to listen to radio once more. Besides the Morning Rush, I always listen to this two and try to answer their Quick Question if I have something that I think is awesome. Thank you Gino and Fran for bringing out my inner awesomeness.

I visited them for their party today at the RX station and had some food, took pictures, did the Dougie with them and lastly, I did to them some magic. I was just supposed to do one trick wherein Fran and Gino’s names fused into one card for them to keep and remember that even though they would be separated as a radio tandem, the bond between them will forever remain. Instead I did a few more, for Jolly, Hazel and the rest who went for the party.

I really enjoyed doing all those magic for them and all the comments were all heartwarming, except those that relate me to an unknown infernal power. I understand that doing those card magic and mind magic really made me look like I am the devil’s spawn (as Gino called me two or three times). However being a magician does not guarantee me that I could pass through locked doors, because as I was going out of the station, Gino had to open the door for me.

Anyway I’ll really miss these two and hopefully even though they have been separated, I wish that their awesomeness would still rub of to their listeners, inspiring them to live awesome lives everyday.


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Just Wanting to do Something Different

I’ve been wanting to do something different today. I just want to go out there and do something which is not part of my normal routine. I hope this helps me to gain a better insight in my life. I would like to go out to see what else is out there. I want to have a learning experience that I could look back into when I get older.

I may have my inhibitions, but I would just like to get out there and take courage to do what I think should be done. I hope that things will just be fine after going out there and in the process I’ll get to know myself better.

I really don’t know what has gotten into me but I am really feeling strong about it. I’ll just give you an update later.

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