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Belated Birthday Post

Another year was added to my life and It’s something that I have to be thankful for. Another year added means that I am still given the time to live my dreams. I won’t waste time living in the past and worrying what uncertainty the future brings.

Yes I’m already an adult and there are things in life that I am expected to do as one. I just think that there are expectations as an adult that makes one see the world as a miserable place to live in. I just want to get off from their expectations and do what I really want. It may disappoint them but I’d rather not be disappointed with myself.

It’s my life and I’m responsible for it. I may lack a certain direction but I believe that I will reach my goal and be happy in life. I’m going to end this post with a line from The Last Samurai. “A perfect blossom is a rare thing… You could spend your life looking for one and it would not be a wasted life.”


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