Knowing More About Myself

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I have been reading a book lately about the psychology of everyday life called Quirkology. I really liked how I discovered a lot of things that I barely notice in life that actually tell something about myself and the world that I am living in.

Reading through the book was really a fun and enlightening experience. The studies dealt with the mundane things in life and this is why I enjoyed the book. Reading about the studies gave me a larger view of how a lot of the little things around us affect us in a big way.

I discovered how our birth date and our name affect us in life. I discovered how to spot lies from the truth more effectively. I learned how a lot of people still believe in superstitions and how some are killed literally by them. I learned that being lucky is somewhat just a state of mind. I even learned why Mona Lisa’s smile is mysterious from that book.

The studies mentioned were really great, it was like “reading” Mythbusters but with more of a psychological view. Most of the unnecessary things that we regularly do are actually no more than things that are linked to the small things that affect us.

Those were just a few things that I learned from the book. I have learned more about myself and how to deal with the things around me. Maybe by applying some of these learnings, I could get better with life.


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