I’m being honest and sincere so fuck me right?

I’m sorry that you were discouraged the same way that you discouraged me from writing…

Same feelings here, I am just here to write not to write beautifully. i’m just expressing my thoughts which are usually incoherent. i don’t review my entries because it makes me feel dishonest with myself.

Still can’t forget it, you said that my writing is ugly and it’s only in my head that I think that it is nice… Well guess what I am not trying for it to be nice, I’m using this as an outlet for my otherwise dangerous emotions inside me.

If you would see my older journals most are about my rants on how stupid life could be. If it wasn’t for writing, I might have been worse than I am now…

You give constructive criticisms and I always take steps in trying to improve myself and here I am with one honest tip and all you think is that I am constraining you. I hate it when you are “always right” and I’m not sure how long I could go on with me always being the first one to say sorry.

Have you even notice how I just stay silent whenever you get mad? Have you ever wondered what would happen if all those times i’ve been silent would just accumulate and then just come out in one big burst? I know you can’t take it. Lucky for you that you’ve never seen me really mad… After all these years you really never saw me get so mad.

I get scared with what happens inside of me whenever I can’t get out this rage inside me but I don’t know which is worse : bottling it in or getting it all out.


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