I’m just sitting here in the shadows (My thoughts on being an introvert and making friends)

You know how I operate, I just sit here hidden in the shadows, waiting for you to brave the dark to see what I really am. I prefer to be in the dark not because i am afraid of the light but because the glare of the light hides what I think and feel as essential and true.

The darkness hides what are you on the outside but it lets me see beyond that. There is no need to see what you put on because it’s useless in the dark. There is no need to hide anything in the dark because everything is already hidden there. The only way to be noticed in the dark is to embrace the truth that it brings, unaltered by what can be seen on the outside.

I don’t like shedding my own light and like the shadow being casted by the light, I am there, unnoticed and even sometimes invisible. You may not notice it but I am there connected to you and maybe being wanted to be noticed. A shadow never makes the first move, it always waits for that moment to be noticed that you are actually connected and that it never left your side. It’s always there just watching and waiting.

I like to stay hidden, away from the superficial and the banal. I believe that there is more to what you show to people and I am ready to embrace that truth in you. I want to hold that thing that you don’t show to others so that I’ll feel more connected and perhaps more special. I’m not asking for your secrets, I am just asking for honesty with yourself.

(Disclaimer: This might sound weird for those who know me as someone who puts on a happy face most of the time. I am guilty of doing that but never in front of the people whom I had shown my darkness. They too had shown me their own darkness and this is why I am being honest with them. Perhaps putting up that happy face is just one part of my darkest personality.)


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