30 day Drawing Challenge: Day 05: Bestfriend

Okay this may seem a little different from what is expected. Honestly, the term bestfriend is a little unclear to me, so instead, here is a “representation” of what kind of people are my closest friends are. In the same way that I usually draw them as animals, I also draw them sometimes as heroes.

I was supposed to draw Super Friends but I settled for the Avengers instead. I find it easier that most of the Avengers are like my friends. In this team, I am Iron Man (not because of I am a genius, playboy, philanthropist but because I just need my “armor” in facing threats) and the rest are my closest friends.

Hawkeye for the friend who has pinpoint accuracy of telling me who I am.
Captain America for a friend who has a pretty face with abilities that come from a bottle.
The Wasp for a friend who is small but helps in big ways.
Black Widow for the friend with the curly hair and deadly persona.



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