Lessons from the Kitchen: An Attempt for Dessert

Image copyright by the author

The picture above is my version of a banana cream float. It’s just the usual graham, bananas and cream. I tweaked it a little bit and flambeed the bananas in rhum and added some cinnamon too. It tasted good even if I didn’t exactly measured the ingredients that I used for this dessert.  It was just sad that the layers of the desert can’t be seen because of the cream.

Everything that was used in this dessert were just extras from the last Christmas shopping except for the bananas. Since those foodstuffs are near their expiry date, I decide that I would make something out of it so that it won’t go to waste. Besides I just love experimenting with food that could be flambeed.

I’d say that making desserts is really not my strongest point in cooking. I really don’t like my desserts to be too sweet. I prefer it to be something that has a more organic or even sometimes bitter taste added into it. Because of this there had been a lot of times that my desserts really didn’t make it to anyone’s liking.

Anyway I’m just sharing my experience in making a dessert such as that. I hope I’d have more time to make more desserts soon.


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