Lessons from the Kitchen: Cooking Caldereta and Pancakes

Since it was a holiday yesterday here, I cooked caldereta for lunch for my family. Caldereta is basically a spicy stew in tomato and liver sauce. Here is a picture of it for those who have no idea of what it is.


It is quite funny that I’ve learned how to cook even without really studying about it. I spend a lot of time watching cooking shows and it is quite nice that I have retained a lot of the basics in cooking from it. Well the caldereta that I’ve cooked above is really not that spicy since there are people here who really do not like spicy food at all.

During the afternoon I also cooked up some pancakes. Sad to say but despite the fact that all you need to do is follow the instructions on the package, the people here still refuse to prepare it. As that day’s cook I just took on the task and as a reward, I made myself this.


I made myself some peanut butter and banana pancakes and it was really delicious. It was so heavy that I ate less dinner last night too. I just love combining simple thing to make it a little bit special. I know it doesn’t look as appetizing as it should be but it’s still delicious and that is what matters most in food.

Well I enjoyed cooing these and hopefully later I’ll still be inspired to cook something special.  Until then, I’ll update you on what’s next on my cooking list.


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