Just a Celebration

It started as a normal day with  a very few people knowing that it was my birthday. I was greeted by the people who really remembered it and it was really nice to know that they actually had just remembered it. Like a normal day, I went to work and not even one of them knows that it was my birthday.

I just invited over a few friends from another department to celebrate my birthday after work to have pizza, pasta and chicken. I’ve invited some of my students and some really just had a good time. My girlfriend was also there and I am so happy and proud that a lot of the people there thinks she’s very pretty.

It was really nice to catch up with some people on a special day and I was happy that everyone enjoyed the dinner. The moments of real laughter wherein everyone is just having fun and enjoying the food without actually being too pretentious. I really appreciated their presence on a day that marks another year for me.

We finished quite early since it was exams period for most students and also I am really not the type who celebrates anything with alcohol. I prefer having real laughs and not alcohol-induced ones, also I prefer that celebrations leave you with a better feeling rather than a hangover. Call it being a sissy but I think that celebrations shouldn’t be about chugging alcohol like as if there wouldn’t be another chance to do it.

Another year means another chance for me to make it count. I want that every moment in my life would be something worthwhile knowing that I am living not just for myself but also for the people around me. I think being given the chance to live is not a mistake and we should be able to do our part to make our lives count.

You might not think of it that way but surely there are people around you who appreciate you more than you think you  do. I always see people who always feel that they are alone, maybe those people should just go out there and participate more in life. Maybe it’s time to just meet people or get to know better the people around you so that you would also learn how not to live only for yourself. So make it count and make sure that you live your life to the best not only for you but also for the people around you.


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