Books: Hunger Games: Read the Book and Saw the Movie

May the odds be ever in your favor…

My weekend may have been solely reserved for the purpose of The Hunger Games. We bought the trilogy on April 2011 and it was only this Saturday that I was able to read the book. Thanks to my reading skills, I was able to finish the book within 24 hours of borrowing it.

I actually liked how the story is very much related to the current problems that the world is facing today. Whether political or economic, this book is clearly a reflection of the present and what could our future be. Dystopian worlds really fascinate me, since I think we are close to living in one with what’s happening today. As much as I would like to leave a better future for the generation today, I think that future generations would find it hard be able to cope with it when that time comes.

Since the book is full of detail and back stories, I really doubted that the movie will do it justice. Well it did some justice and it simplified the movie enough so that non-readers will get a general idea of what the book is all about. I was quite impressed on how they were able to tone down the violence without making it less scary. Sorry for the lack of a better term, it’s just that I still enjoyed the action part even though it lacks a certain vividness in details similar from the book.

Watching the movie itself was an experience since unlike a lot of film adaptations, wherein there are a lot of know-it-all people are talking about it, a lot actually have no idea of what is it all about. They may have just read blurbs or reviews and some would even head out to bookstores after the film to buy the books. Well a lot of these so called book readers are actually just posers and its sad to see that people like them really don’t know the nuances of the film.

Well I can’t wait to borrow the next book in the series. I do hope I get my hands on it soon.



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2 responses to “Books: Hunger Games: Read the Book and Saw the Movie

  1. When you say “current problems that the world is facing today”…that was my first thought upon seeing the trailer for this movie. I must admit reading the book is far better than viewing the actual film. As the book covers more detail and adds to the mental picture.

    Since I have an interest in ‘futuristic’ scifi this film and the book is a must for me.

    Yes is scary to how ‘production’ of films, books are reflecting on current situation. But here’s a blast from the past…… George Orwell: 1984!

    • Jordan Pampliega

      I have read 1984 too and I found it really very good. Orwell really did a good job of keeping you scared and excited at the same time despite the newspeak in some parts. As I have said Dystopic societies amuse and interest me. However I am still scared that maybe someday, what could have been said in these books might happen in real life. Thanks for the comment.

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