Back from a Break and from a Vacation


Finally I’ve got the time to write after all these months of not doing it. I’ve been quite busy and I just came back from a vacation of sorts. I was actually in another country for three days and though I really didn’t like at first going there but as soon as I was there, I began to love the experience itself.

As the French would say “Les voyages forment les jeunes.” Learning a new culture and enjoying new sights, sounds, tastes and smells made me feel like there is still a lot I need to experience. I really do not like travelling a lot but I think I should start doing it more, since I think it will give me more of a sense of my identity. 

Maybe it’s really more of the part of me who wants to explore what’s out there. As I’ve said in some posts here, I’d like to do what the renaissance people did, wherein they went out and explored the world.I had always wanted to do the same, that is to be an adventurer and see the world in my own eyes.

I just want to experience things so that I won”t stop learning. Learning is what really makes me feel alive and happy in this world. I want to learn more than what I can so that I can always share it with others too. 

Someday  I hope that by sharing the things I’ve learned, I would have made a mark in this world. 



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