I can’t seem to find my rhythm

Lately I’ve been finding it hard to juggle my work and studies. I don’t know but it seems that the a certain subject from last semester has really disheartened me in continuing my Masters. It has made me to think that it might not be worth the trouble and time to continue it but on the other hand, I’ve been too far enough to stop it. I think there’s a part of me regretting taking up the entire program when I could have gone for something that I would really enjoy.

I really feel that my life is off my rhythm. It could be just stress or it’s just a general feeling of dissatisfaction with life. I’ve been always feeling that I don’t belong to this generation. I really envy the previous generations because they were able to enjoy life at a much better and enjoyable pace. I’m talking about how they enjoyed life that doesn’t care about instant gratification nor about small trivial problems. Life for today’s generation is really just full of crap, seeing everyone else doing something that seems stable makes me doubt  about my own future and my life in general.

This feeling that I have may be attributed to a quarter life crisis that most people my age could be experiencing. It might be that I really don’t know what I must do in the real world. Every time I try to set a goal, I usually get discouraged because it seems so impossible to achieve especially with my current situation. I just hope that I find more satisfaction in life and see things in a better light soon. For now I’ll leave you with some music that hopefully could put you into the right mood, just like me.


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