I Wish to be Claimed…

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The series Percy Jackson and the Olympians and the Heroes of Olympus build up a good part of my good collection. I really don’t know but I was drawn into the series a year ago when I got The Lightning Thief from a book fair. Adventures into the realms of heroes, gods and goddesses is not new to me since I’ve been reading about Greek Myths since I was seven and I practically grew up watching Hercules and Xena, The Warrior Princess.

I really loved the adventures of heroes (Odysseus was actually my favorite then Hercules and Perseus) and the Olympian gods. Having these books makes it easier for me to relive these stories that I had enjoyed in my childhood, since back then I only learned about these tales from encyclopedias (Yes that’s how geeky I am, I read encyclopedias like they were bedtime stories).

Yes, I know I am really different from all the normal kids my age during that time, this goes the same with my family. I really looked differently from the rest of my siblings and I had always been the butt of jokes when it comes to being adopted. It has been a running thought that I might be a long lost heir to a billionaire or something and the family that I had been living with was not my real one.

That thought is still in my head but it is a little different now after reading the series. If I were really an adopted son, I wish that one of my parents is a god. It would have been cool to live the life of adventure for a demigod, which is something that I really want to experience even once in my life. I’d like to go on a quest to meet the most unusual and experience new things.

The life that I am living right now seems to lack a certain spice. Things are slowly starting to become a routine and maybe I really need a break to find back that certain spice. Maybe I’ll go to find my own golden fleece to heal these feeling that seems like a dip from the Lethe. Or better yet, I’ll go to find the Oracle to give my life direction once more. The best thing to do maybe is to kill the monster that is terrorizing my thoughts with some magical weapon from my immortal side of the family.

I still don’t know who’s my parent from the immortal side of the family, but hopefully soon I’ll find out, so that I know where I am really good at and bring back the thing that I may have lost. So please claim me now!


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