Lessons from the Kitchen: Make the Most of What you Have

I just made a semi-experimental chicken meal today. I would like to call it Coq au Cognac but duh better call it Chicken in Soy and Brandy Sauce.

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The usual question of what’s for lunch always had the usual answer: it’s either chicken, pork or beef. It’s up to us to choose what kind of cooking should be done to those meats to make it a meal. As for me, I try to get creative and raid first the refrigerator before I do my cooking.

If you’re wondering, this is not adobo. I based the recipe from the Honey-Chili Chicken that I know how to cook, this one though has no honey or chili, instead it has brandy as its acidic component. Plus doing a flambe on the brandy makes it more exciting.

Anyway, it’s just that I really love to experiment with food and make it more interesting. It may not always work right but I am happy that I learn from it always.  It’s like doing a McGyver thing on the food, it’s taking what you have and with a little creativity, turn it into something awesome.

Well just a lesson learned from the kitchen again… We can turn the things that we have into something awesome if we put our imagination and creativity to it.









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