Just thinking of things

Well the semester is about to end and lately my mind has been in a state of confusion again. I need to find my balance again to set things in order. I just need to take a breather to regain my strength to do things right again.

I have a lot of projects to finish and exams to give my students and for some odd reason, time seems to be not on my side. I really feel that even though I only work for around 3-5 hours a day, I still feel that I don’t have enough time to finish the things I need to do.

Maybe I should really consider getting myself a place near my work so I could get back the 1.5-2 hours I spend to travel. Well it’s not just the travel that really takes away the hours, it’s also the fatigue I experience from it. Maybe if I just have the money, I’ll really rent out a decent place for myself and start living semi-independently.

Hopefully next semester I get to find a place for myself.


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