Gino and Fran: The Awesome Twosome

Honestly, these two DJs are the ones who got me back to listen to radio once more. Besides the Morning Rush, I always listen to this two and try to answer their Quick Question if I have something that I think is awesome. Thank you Gino and Fran for bringing out my inner awesomeness.

I visited them for their party today at the RX station and had some food, took pictures, did the Dougie with them and lastly, I did to them some magic. I was just supposed to do one trick wherein Fran and Gino’s names fused into one card for them to keep and remember that even though they would be separated as a radio tandem, the bond between them will forever remain. Instead I did a few more, for Jolly, Hazel and the rest who went for the party.

I really enjoyed doing all those magic for them and all the comments were all heartwarming, except those that relate me to an unknown infernal power. I understand that doing those card magic and mind magic really made me look like I am the devil’s spawn (as Gino called me two or three times). However being a magician does not guarantee me that I could pass through locked doors, because as I was going out of the station, Gino had to open the door for me.

Anyway I’ll really miss these two and hopefully even though they have been separated, I wish that their awesomeness would still rub of to their listeners, inspiring them to live awesome lives everyday.



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2 responses to “Gino and Fran: The Awesome Twosome

  1. I am fan of The awesome twosome too!:) Lucky you, you were able to meet them in person during their last show 🙂 They really have good chemistry! I hope RX will bring them back together in one show 😦 They bring color to my boring afternoons in the office :p

    • Jordan Pampliega

      Thanks for the comment. I also took a look at your blog and I say that it’s interesting. I do hope too that Gino and Fran will be back together for a show.

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