Why is Common Sense isn’t so Common?

It really annoys me when some people think that what they know is the right thing. Usually these people too only think of things that they think are right without considering if it doesn’t harm other people. They like to think high of themselves and they only think that what they know is better than what you know. Sometimes these people even think that they have common sense but in reality they do not have any.

These people are really just plain annoying especially when they think that they have more common sense than you. In reality they are just people who refuse to grow up to see the bigger picture. These immature people only think of themselves and what would be the most beneficial to them in the most twisted of ways. Most of the time they would use twisted logic to make it appear that what they do is reasonable.

Maybe it’s either they are too smart to be understood or too stupid to understand what they are trying to tell you. I really think most of them are the latter ones because most of them shun the more intelligent arguments that I give them. I am just really annoyed on how they always defend what they think is right even though there are a lot of defects in it. The worse is that they do not allow themselves to see that there are improvements that could be made to make them better. I just hope that they open their eyes to see that what they believe is right is not always right especially if it could still be made to be better.

I am writing about the people who have the most defective policies which of course could obviously be improved better. 


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