A Stable House of Cards

Image Copyright by Jordan Pampliega, All rights reserved

A house of cards has always been an image of something that will crumble even to the weakest of winds. It is a sign of inevitable doom and fall of something that you think will last a long time. Most house of cards are really unstable but I know a technique of making card houses more stable and could even support things that are heavier than the cards themselves.

While making the house of cards pictured above, I had this realization that my personality could be likened to a house of cards. When I was younger, I am easily swayed by a lot of external forces that make me fall or crumble. However despite the fact that I always crumble, I just continue to pick up myself again to rebuild myself and show them that I can get up no matter what they throw at me.

After the numerous times of falling and rising, I have realized that it has become tiring and so I changed myself to have a better foundation so that I will not be swayed by the slightest external forces. I rearranged the cards that form my foundation so that I will be able to take even harder blows in life without falling down. I have experienced a lot of blows from a lot of people who really just want to bring me down. They may have succeeded bringing me down but they have not put me down for good as I have just stood up again with a much better foundation that will make me stronger to take your blows and not to fall from them.


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