Twitter Talk About the RH Bill

Honestly this is my first time I had a Twitter Talk with someone I really do not know. It was an exchange of ideas and I have to say that it was one of the intelligent conversations that I have been longing for. I am really not into debates or anything but I am more into exchange of ideas that make us more educated an knowledgeable with the things that are happening around us.

I actually had this exchange with a person from twitter known as darylslimshady. He replied to my tweet “Ano ba ang mali sa generation ngayon? May nabalitaan na naman akong nakabuntis at the age of 18. Kaya ipasa na ang #rhbill”   and then we had this exchange of tweets about our ideas regarding the RH bill and we definitely had opposing views for I am pro-RH Bill while he is against it. He was saying self mastery is the proper thing that is why the need for contraceptives is not necessary while I say that education is the way so that people will not be misled. He says that discipline is important to control one self and I say that even though contraceptives are made more available, it does not mean that people should be having sex with anyone at anytime.  In the end, I think we both agree that instilling discipline and morality is really both important in tackling the issue.

Honestly, I think that the solution should come from both sides. One side should not hinder the other and should be doing the thing that will promote the better good. Instead of pulling each other down, we should do our part to help people in this issue. For the church and the anti-RH bill supporters, instead of branding pro-RH bill people immoral, they should help in spreading the information that the availability of contraceptives or mandatory sex education does not mean that we should be engaging in promiscuous sexual activities. RH bill is not about promoting sex, it encompasses maternal health and the ability to choose for the future. Maybe it is about time to think not just about life but also about living.  Those are my thoughts on the issue and whether you are pro or anti, I will do my best to respect your views as long as you respect mine. Just like what happened in that Twitter talk, we had respect for each other and we ended up having a good conversation that was informative and intellectual.


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One response to “Twitter Talk About the RH Bill

  1. Daryl Zamora

    Hey Jordan,

    That was indeed an interesting conversation. 🙂

    I was exploring your blogs and found out you’re from UP. I took up journalism there. Graduated in 2008 too.

    I live in the Diliman area. If you want, we can meet and discuss further.

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