Why Voldemort is More Like Madara than Osama

Yesterday, I came across this article saying that Harry Potter may benefit from the death of Osama Bin Laden. The article cited parallelisms from the characters in Harry Potter with the key figures of Al-Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden. I really just think that some people are putting too much meaning in Harry Potter in trying to find a relation with it to what is happening to the real world.

This made me realize that Harry Potter is not more like the events involving Osama, in fact I think that it is much closer to Naruto and the characters may share some similarities that you may have not noticed. So here are a few parallelisms that I’ve seen from Harry Potter and Naruto.

1. Akatsuki and Death Eaters  

Being deceitful and cunning, these two groups share a lot in common. Black Robes and a feared organization of very powerful and skilled people. Both groups also started with weak people who eventually gathered very strong members. Both these two groups played the role of being the ones who gave the protagonists a lot of problems.  Both groups are also responsible for the deaths of the most memorable and the best protagonists in both series.

2. Itachi and Snape 

Both actually are very strong characters that at one point you thought was very cool even though they are villains. In reality though, both are actually good guys who actually went to the enemy’s side to watch them closely and protect those who are really important to them. In Itachi’s case he massacred his clan and joined Akatsuki in order to prevent them from destroying Konoha. In Snape’s case, he joined the Death Eaters as a double agent, providing Hogwarts and its students protection.

3. Madara and Voldemort

Both are the main antagonists in both series and both share certain things that make them similar in a lot of ways. Both are unquestionably powerful and both have been thought to be dead during the beginning of the series. Both characters are also very manipulative in such a way that they could bend almost anyone to follow their will and make them work for their plans. Both characters also have a form of immortality that resulted from the deaths of others. Lastly both of them wanted to kill the main character in both series.

4. Naruto and Harry Potter

Both have been saved by their parents that left them both orphans during the series. This love by their parents also foiled the plan of the main antagonists from both series. Also both characters are the prophesied to defeat the evil in their own respective worlds. I think this is what really made both of them similar in a lot of ways.

So there you go, my thoughts about the two series and why I think that Naruto is really quite close to Harry Potter.


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