Where is All This Going to?

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Osama Bin Laden is dead so they say. Finally, justice may have been served for all his and his organization’s victims. The acts of terrorism by his group made all of us live in fear, distrust and prejudice among our fellow people. I was just wondering, is the death of one man is enough to get back our lives from the fear that has taken over it. Also, is it enough to actually bring peace to save lives from the ongoing wars?

If this event will not bring peace, will it bring more fear and death for the years to come? The supporters of Osama may just have plans of retaliation even though they are demoralized and this may even lead to attacking innocent people. There are wars to eradicate those supporters but in the process, more lives are lost and more fear is being brought. I do hope that there is a plan to prevent more lives from being lost because if ever there would be a retaliation.

Despite the fear that this event might bring, I am hopeful that someday we could still achieve peace and realize that war is just a waste of lives, time and money. I hope that someday we will all be able to live our lives without the fear of people who would want to take it away just to push their beliefs.


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