A Get Together and Some Magic

Last Saturday, April 30, 2011, my college friends and I went to Trinoma for our get together. We had pizza (which had 2 slices left that we have forgotten back at the restaurant), pasta and Italian chicken for lunch and for dessert we had frozen yogurt. While we were having frozen yogurt and exchanging stories, I did a few magic tricks and here are two videos from that get together.

Jordan’s Magic Show Part 1

Jordan’s Magic Show Part 2

I really missed those people and hopefully we have more time to meet each other more often. It’s nice to see again my friends and just be myself with those who really understand me and those who do not mind my quirkiness. The nice thing though about meeting each other after a long time is that we have a lot of stories to tell with each other. Stories about how everyone has been and by hearing those, I could tell that we have really changed and despite these changes, we still understand each other like when we have met each other a few years ago. It’s really nice to have friends who despite the changes that happened with you, still understands you and I am thankful to have them in my life.


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