Annoying Beta E-mail and Member on the Club

There are two things that annoy me in the Internet as of the moment. First is the new beta version of my e-mail that has been lately having too much Error 504 messages and because of this I cant use my e-mail properly. I tried switching back to the original version but I am still having problems with it.

The beta version was okay at first, it was only today that when I tried to access it, I always get an error message. I tried opening my other e-mail account from the same provider and it works just fine. I think that it is the beta version that is really having a problem and hopefully, I could access it later.

The next one is a certain member at a forum wherein I am a moderator. I’ve reminded that guy three times already regarding advertising within the site. He answered alright but in English that anyone who knows that language would find hard to understand. “Thank’s Jordan I don’t this subject .Next time I will try to community rule.” I know he finds it hard to communicate in English but the rules in the site are simple enough to be understood. I just hate that he disregards the rules of our site.e learned his lesson now. Well if he continues, I’ll bring this up to the administrator of the site itself. Hopefully he learned his lesson now.

Well the rant is over and I’m back to being calm.


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