Another Year Added

I turned a year older yesterday and I am grateful about it. Another year was added while I lived and learned about life and in the all those years that I’d been doing it, I must say that there are still a lot of things that I should be thankful for.

I am thankful that I have people who understand and take me for who I am. I am happy to have someone to love and loves me back. Because of her too, I feel that I have another family that I can be part of too. It’s not like all could get two families to want them right?

I also have to be thankful too that life has its unkind moments for me. Growing up was not all too easy for me. I have to make sacrifices but knowing what those are for built my character and made me deal with life with a more positive attitude even though it’s unkind.

Lastly I am thankful that life keeps on showing me the various realities and opportunities it holds for us. The things happening around me made me see that life is more of what we experience when we most feel alive. Having a life to live and discovering what it holds for us makes living worth it.



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