Been an Angry Bird Lately

I’ve been playing Angry Birds Lately on PSP and I have to say that it is really fun. I have to say destroying evil piggy structures by shooting birds from a slingshot really releases the stress. Swearing to those evil pigs that were left after you bombarded them even makes it more fun.

I have to thank the oatmeal for this wonderful artwork and his chart.

Of all the angry birds shown above, I have to say that my least favorite would be the white one while my most favorite is the yellow one. Though the black bird explodes I’d have to say that the impact it makes is not as effective as that of the yellow one. I have to say that the red bird and its bigger version also deals a very good damage to those evil pigs. The blue bird is okay in destroying glass structures but the white bird is really crappy at destroying anything.

I now see why people love this game. Besides the cute birds and the destruction, I really like how I get to feel like a military strategist from WWII dictating the angles of howitzers and mortars being fired at enemy forces.

I also like the fact that the goal is simple enough but the things you need to do to achieve it makes it really challenging. Hitting the right spot with the right bird makes it fun especially if you are able to bring maximum destruction to evil piggies. The more destruction , the more points and the more fun it is to play.

Well time to play with it again.


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