I think I’ll get some rest first

I think that the stress that accumulated for the past few years really took its toll to me. It has affected not only my health but also my personality as well. I mean that it has changed me to a less nice person.

Maybe I reacted to stress in a way that I keep on ignoring those who cause it, not knowing that it has also made me ignore others who don’t. This made me aloof to a lot of people and it is really does not do any good for me.

So from today on, I’ll try to be more relaxed and to be nicer to others, I need to flash that smile again even to those that I really don’t like at all. I think this would lessen the stress that I am experiencing, not to mention that it would make me look better.

To start this, I think I’ll go get some rest first to release all the stress that I took for the past few years. Then, after clearing my mind with all the stress, I’ll go on and do what I need to do to be really happy in life.

I need to find my old self to find the path that I will take in life. I hope that I’ll find that path soon so that I will be happier in life.


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