We need more kids with books and less kids with gadgets

I came across this comic strip on the internet. I think that this should make us realize that some technology makes people worse than before. In this case, I think the over dependence in them is what makes people really worse.

Image Source

I really have nothing against improving technology. My problem is that sometimes even the most simple things technology is trying to replace. In the comics above, it is reading a book.

I have to agree with Matilda about using ones imagination. Imagination is something that could never be understood by something that solely works on logic. I believe that imagination is best left for the person to imagine and dream on.

Also, I really believe that children should be reading more books especially in this age of internet and social media. I think that children nowadays are becoming too engrossed in gadgets that they depend so much on it. I think they should go out and hold a book as it develops their brain more than all those gadgets.

I would have to say that the misuse and overuse of gadgets by adults contributes on how children overuse it as well. I think we should set an example to them on how they should go out and experience the real world. They should realize that there is no substitute for real interaction.

In conclusion, I have to say that we need more books and less gadgets to better experience the real world.


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