What Would my Future Look Like?

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With what is happening right now with me, I am really stressed on how my future will be. I’m tired of making the wrong choices that would leave me unhappy. I know it can’t be helped to make mistakes, but now I want to take control of my life.

I really can’t remember how it all came to this. When I was younger, I was just me. I am calm, serene, tranquil, patient. I really don’t know how I became so concerned with the future even if it is just about to happen.

I really can’t blame the fact that I made the wrong choices because even thought they were wrong, something good still came out of it. The problem is that I am having regrets of doing it even though I should just move on and laugh about it.

I have never lost hope and hopefully I will never have to since it is the only thing that would be left of me when all things fail. I’ll take this time now to think better of the decisions that I will make in life.


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