Blowing things out of proportion

In this post, I wrote about an incident of discrimination in an institution. I can’t believe that it even made it to the news. I’m sorry but I really found it annoying especially that the issue could have been solved between the two of the people involved.

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I have to say that the issue was blown out of proportion and I don’t think that it sends the right message. I think that it only made matters worst as the parties involved will now be judged in a bigger public and prejudices would only worsen.

Pushing it to the media’s attention wouldn’t make the opposing parties actually better understand each other. I think that it would only sensationalize the issue and this would alter the real cause and probably the solution for it.

I just hope that it stops here. I’m getting tired of how some tend to vie for so much unnecessary attention. There are more important things to be put in the news than things that have been blown out of proportion.


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