Remembering Unity

Today is the 25th year anniversary of the EDSA revolution. An exhibit of how a non-violent revolution could happen. I wasn’t even born in 1986, but I was really impressed on how a united people could do feats that seem impossible.

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Sadly, twenty-five years later and very little has changed in this country. There are still corrupt officials, unexplained disappearances and hired assassinations. The revolution itself was used by corrupt and hungry-power people who only thought of themselves hiding as sincere believers of change.

What’s even worse is that even though we have the power to choose who to lead , we never know what happens to whom we have chosen until he or she gets into that seat. The sad thing about this is that we are becoming apathetic about this and because of this many of us are losing hope already.

As far as I can see the main problem here is not just the government itself but its people as well. We are forgetting that as long as we are united to one goal, we would be able to make this country better just like what happened in EDSA.

I have to say that it is sad that we never learn from our past mistakes as a people. Hence we need to learn from what is presently around the world. I’m not saying we take it to the streets again, rather I would suggest that we get united to enforce change in this country.

The protests in Middle East and Northern Africa have been a past thing for us. We ousted 2 presidents and almost ousted another one but the people in power are still the same. A lot of them are doing things that actually pull this country down even more.

I’m not sure if we could pull off something similar with Belgium for functioning even without a government. However if this is for real reform, I’d rather say that we go for it. The real challenge though of this is that we should really be committed on having real reform.

I’m just disappointed on how after 25 years of a revolution that set the standard in real democracy took a turn for electing more corrupt and power-hungry people hiding under the guise of promising real reform for this country.

I just hope that real change would happen to our country. We need to act now and be united and committed to the change we want to happen in our country.


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