Respect for Opinions

There was a recent outcry at an institution about certain sensitive issues regarding inequality and discrimination. I wouldn’t really want to take sides regarding that issue but I would just want to point out that opinions are fine to voice out but not to rub in especially to someone who has opposite beliefs from you.

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Sometimes we tend to overreact to what other people say, especially if it is not in accordance to our own beliefs. We want to think that we are right in whatever we say or do. Forcing this kind of thinking to others in the long run would really make you wrong in whatever you say or do.

Belonging to a certain group with certain beliefs or practices does not make anyone right all the time either. We have to learn to mutually respect each others beliefs and the only time we should start questioning beliefs if it obviously harms the people from the opposite end of their own ones.

We should also erase the notion that one institution is greater than the other. Separating yourself from others because you think you are greater than everyone else is one of the reasons I think why there still exists inequalities between people.

Yes we are all unique and like everyone else, our uniqueness is what forms our identity. This identity is yours alone and you should take care of preserving it as yours and yours alone. If you force your uniqueness to others, it’s like forcing your identity to them and in the process you lose your own because there would be someone who is just like you.

In conclusion, it all comes down to just one word: Respect, and it begins from one’s self. One earns it from asserting one’s identity and respecting others who don’t seem to share the same beliefs as you. Never treat yourself as someone more superior or inferior to anyone as others would do. Never think that because you belong to a certain group, you already have the rights to force your beliefs to other groups.

We are all entitled to our opinions and we should learn to listen to other’s opinions as well. Voicing out yours is fine but don’t rub it in to others and in the event that others rub theirs to you just listen and learn from it. If it harms you in any way, tell that other person but keep it between yourselves so that it won’t escalate into something else that would make matters more complicated.


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