It’d be Better if We Know How to Listen

I came across this Calvin and Hobbes Strip:

Image Source

I have to agree with what Calvin said on the last panel. I really don’t know what happens when we turn into adults. I will use a Tagalog expression “Tumatandang Paurong” (growing backwards) to best describe what most adults become in their life.

I really can’t blame how we become like this mainly because we are demanded by society to do things as such. Life now has made us envious and greedy that it makes us frustrated on how we are not able to live up to what is expected from us.

We all want to at least live a comfortable life and to achieve this, we find ourselves working just for the money. It’s day in, day out, another day, another pay for us. Soon we realize that we are being pulled to become greedy and envious of what others have in life. We then started wishing that if we are just like them, we wouldn’t need to suffer the monotony of a routine life.

We all want to be rich and there is nothing wrong with that. The bad thing about it is that we forget to enjoy life itself. We are stuck on making our lives comfortable for the future that we forget to live for today. I admit, I am one of those who thinks about the future too much even though it is just yet to come.

Growing up is really hard, especially if you have dreams that you want to fulfill. I have come to expect that some may be too far-fetched to be achieved, I have always believed that it is still possible to achieve.

I am just really frustrated on how some adults really don’t set an example to follow for kids. With their way of thinking that they are grown-ups and they could do whatever they want is just a meager excuse to satisfy their greed.

Take for example people who actually use other people for their material gain. The worst part is that when they stop treating you as people and more as a tool and they make them think they are far more superior than you.

I have to say that I will live my life with the simplicity of a child’s thinking. I want it to be simple and not having to worry of what society demands of me. I will chase my dreams and live them and be happier and less frustrated in life.



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