If I can dream it, I can do it (20 goals, plans and dreams)

Another Meme from Facebook.

Once you get tagged in this note, you have to create a list of dreams you want to accomplish in life. It is up to you how many dreams you want to list. The number you have chosen should also be the number of people you will tag in this note. Don’t forget to tag me too because I want to know your dreams.

The Needs:

1. Financial Stability

2. Have my own house so that I could settle in life

3. Remove from my life the unnecessary people/ things

The Wants:

4. To have my own DSLR and possibly do freelance photography jobs

5. A job that I would really enjoy doing

6. A place to call my own

7. Savings for the rest of my life

8. Travel to Japan, Switzerland and other places of interests

9. Wake up to a less stressful life

10. To be more physically fit or to be healthier

11. Settle in life with the person that matters the most 🙂


12. I am to finish my MA soon


13. Be a magician (the good one not crappy, stupid and arrogant ones)

14. Be a children’s book illustrator or write a webcomic

15. To be a better blogger

The Impossible dreams:

16. To win a 1 billion  jackpot in the lottery

17. To make others vanish as if by magic

18. FMA style Alchemy

The simple dreams:

19. Eat authentic Italian Spaghetti

20. Drink hot Chocolate

Just a few things that I would really want to achieve in life. So i’d stop dreaming and start chasing them to have a more fulfilling life.


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