I just want to be me

Yesterday I took one of those personality tests. It turned out to be that I’m Histrionic and Narcissistic. In other words, I am just too self centered. Maybe it’s just that I grew up doing things on my own without depending on any one and the satisfaction I get from it boosts my ego.

I admit that this affects on how I deal with people. I love being praised, I love being approached rather than reaching out, I love being left alone to do what I think is best. This makes people misunderstand me as someone snobbish and aloof. I just want to tell them that I am approachable even though I don’t look like it.

I just want to tell people that this is me, understand me, believe me, trust me. I am me, that couldn’t be changed, but the fact that I have friends means that I am not that hard to get along despite being self centered.


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