My Favorite Webcomics

Besides the usual manga that I read online, I also read two other webcomics on the internet. Not only both has nice drawings, but they provide me also with new learnings about culture and history. Let’s start first with this.

Scandinavia and the World

Image Source

Scandinavia and the World or SATW is a product of Humon . She is based in Denmark, and I think her humor with what’s happening between countries around the world. It may be a little stereotyping but I think it is what gave her characters the identity it needs.

Her comics are funny but most topics are for adults. She always has a way of making current events easier to understand and at the same time understand better the culture of each country. It is fun how I learn new stuff about the Scandinavian Europe, since for the past 6 years of studying French, I only learned about the Western European culture.


Lackadaisy Scrapbook

Image Source

Lackadaisy is by Tracy J Butler, it tells the story of a “syndicate” during the 1920’s in St. Louis Missouri with cats as characters. Forget Mafia Wars and read how these gangs could still be so fierce yet cute.

A cast of colorful characters and the plot itself makes it seem like a primetime soap opera of sorts. You would always want to know the backstory of each character and that is what makes me come back and read or patiently wait for the latest issue.

I really admire her art as the characters really look very alive. You could see how much effort she puts in her characters to the point that you forget their cats and start to think their human beings too.

The thing that I like about this comic is that I learn more about the US immigrants during that time and how the French who eventually became Cajun were able to settle in those areas.

That’s it two webcomics that I know is worth your online time reading.


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