Thoughts, Things and Other Random Stuff

I was quite shocked that Jack LaLanne has died yesterday. Yes the guy who sells a juicer on Home TV Shopping died of complications from pneumonia. Weird as it may sound but I decided to drink some juice yesterday in memory of a man who really shared his thoughts on how to live a healthier life.

Yup that’s dalandan juice, that was a little on the sour but refreshing side. I ate my dinner with it and the acidity just did a good job of cleansing my palate.

Now enough of the food jargon, and back with the other stuff. Yesterday was quite okay but stressful since my migraine started up. I had to relax so I ate lots of chocolate to increase my endorphins and be calmer. I hate it when I’m too stressed and things like this happen.

This is why I started doing my hobbies again that I haven’t been doing lately. I started drawing again and it feels good that I haven’t lost the touch but I have to admit that I am a little rusty when it comes to doing more detailed and realistic drawings. Maybe soon if I have more time I’d start doing my own webcomics, just to have an outlet of the stress and to have more practice when it comes to drawing.

Well we’ll just have to wait a little more.


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