I’m a Positive Person

Despite what’s happening right now, I try to stay as positive as possible and that is something that most people don’t see. They don’t understand that the more fear they put in me, the more I get discouraged.

I have my own ways of doing things that most people don’t understand. I have quirks and methods that are unconventional but it gets the job done. They try to put me in the same mold as others but I value my individuality so much to follow want they want.

Also, I am the type of person that needs his daily dose of art to not stagnate my creativity in life. My imagination is too vast and always active to be contained. I hate how much they try to limit me, since I know that my imagination has no limits.

I will really leave behind those who put in too much negativity in me. Time to move on and start a new chpater.


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